Deck Repair Tips

Your deck needs regular maintenance!

Summer temperatures can have a significant effect on your home's exterior, especially your deck. At Kight Home Center, we'll show you how simple maintenance can extend your deck's life. Now is a perfect time to learn more.

Materials You'll Need

  • deck cleaner
  • garden hose
  • hammer
  • hose nozzle
  • plastic sheet or tarp
  • push broom
  • rubber gloves
  • screwdriver
  • scrub brush
  • socket wrench


Start by clearing the debris off your deck, which can collect between the floorboards. If not, water can get trapped in there and rot your floorboards or joists. You can start with a push broom and then use a screwdriver to clear the floorboards' areas. Once cleared, check for any water damage, splintered areas, and rotten boards. If there is, those boards will need to be replaced.

Cleaning your Deck 

Always prepare before using chemicals to clean the deck. Cover the adjacent bushes or plants that may get sprayed. It's always a good idea to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from any chemicals. Make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions for the cleaning solution.

Using the mist setting of your hose's nozzle, lightly dampen the deck. Now, use a hard-bristle brush and cleaning solution to scrub away any grime. Once you have one layer down, rinse off the deck for a few minutes on the highest setting, ensuring you cleared the deck of any cleaning chemicals. Some more challenging spots might need to be treated more than once.

Once dry, you can apply your deck sealer. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions on application and drying. You'll be proud of the simple yet effective maintenance for cleaning and repairing your deck in a few hours.

Deck Maintenance

  • Always start by hammering in any protruding nails. This is a common and painful mistake!
  • Periodically check on the rails and make sure they're secure to the deck.
  • Also, check on the bolts that attach the deck to the house and tighten if needed.