Engineered Wood Products

We’ve Got You Covered.

Our component plants are aligned with the top three nationally recognized engineered wood product (EWP) manufacturers and their distribution networks. This means we can supply our customers with high quality, brand-aligned products across our footprint.

Whether you’re a homeowner building your own home or a top-ten national builder, we have your EWP needs covered. As R501.3 Fire Protection of Floors continues to be adopted by more jurisdictions, our locations are expanding our supplier relationships and inventories to accommodate our customers’ specific needs.    

We have a wide variety of delivery equipment that allows us to adapt to varying job site conditions and satisfy customer requests of placing material on the site, on time, and as requested.

Dedicated EWP Experts

Our EWP Market Managers provide field support to both our sales team and customers. With many years of experience under their belts, our Kight EWP Market Managers help to provide direction and internal support for our design and operations processes, making sure our customers are satisfied with their level of customer service and overall experience.

We also have an extensive cross-trained EWP Design Team utilizing industry software to produce integrated layouts. Our knowledgeable team ensures that our EWP, components, and wall panel designs work as a system upon arrival. This ensures that maximum efficiency is being implemented for our customers, resulting in overall reduced build times and costs.

Advanced EWP Technology

In select markets, we utilize advanced technology in our production process using Hundegger Turbo Drive II automated saws, which allows us to provide our customers with

  • Precision end trim (PET)
  • HVAC and plumbing holes 
  • Individually labeled pieces as packages